May 29, 2023  
2023-2025 Catalog Volume XXXI Ver 1 
2023-2025 Catalog Volume XXXI Ver 1

EDU 5099A Seminar

Lecture: 3 Lab: 0 Practica: 0 Total Credits: 3
This practicum provides opportunity for candidates to meet with their student teaching clinical coach in pre-conferences to review lessons prior to instruction and in post-conferences to review their effectiveness based on their instruction and environment rubrics. Small group professional development activities based on candidate needs are offered, as well as time for monitoring candidates’ on-going study of their impact on student learning and the progress of their action research project. Candidates must earn a grade of Pass in EDU 5099A to advance to EDU 5099B .

Prerequisite(s): Completion of Transition Assessment Points I and II, all required Praxis II tests, and approval by program advisor
Co-requisite(s): EDU 5099A Enhanced Student Teaching