May 29, 2023  
2023-2025 Catalog Volume XXXI Ver 1 
2023-2025 Catalog Volume XXXI Ver 1

EDU 5095B Enhanced Student Teaching (Grades K-3 or 4-5)

Lecture: 0 Lab: 0 Practica: 9 Total Credits: 9
If candidates experienced a K-3 grade placement in EDU 5095A , they must experience a 4-5 grade placement in EDU 5095B or vice versa. Student teaching enhances candidates’ content, pedagogical and professional knowledge as they enter the real world of practice. Student teachers apply their acquired 21st century teaching skills in a K-3 or 4-5 classroom. They demonstrate ability to create an environment conducive to student learning, develop plans to guide student learning, instruct students in accordance with standards using research-based instructional strategies, continuously monitor student learning, and exhibit professional dispositions and commitments as they work with K-5 students. Candidates participate in full-day student teaching and must successfully earn a grade of Pass in EDU 5095B to advance to Transition Assessment Point IV. To graduate and be recommended for licensure in the state of Tennessee, student teaching candidates must submit and obtain a passing score on submitted edTPA.

Prerequisite(s): Satisfactory completion of EDU 5095A 
Co-requisite(s): EDU 5099B