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2023-2025 Catalog Volume XXXI Ver 1 
2023-2025 Catalog Volume XXXI Ver 1

Nursing, RN/BSN Option, BS (Online)

(Additional Information to the Sections for All BSN Options)

Admission Requirements

One or more major course cohorts will begin each year depending on enrollment. All students must minimally meet the requirements for general admission to South College. General admission to South College does not guarantee admission to the nursing program. The procedures for application can be found on Nursing page of the South College website or via the Nursing Information Packet available in the Admissions Department. Application deadlines are available in the School of Nursing and the Admissions Department. Admission is open to registered nurses who meet the following criteria:

  1. Proof of a current unencumbered Registered Nurse license or in progress of becoming licensed as a Registered Nurse; and
  2. Hold an associate degree or diploma/certificate in Nursing from an accredited U.S. institution

After meeting with an admissions representative, an advising appointment will be scheduled with a Student Success Advisor. The Advisor will assist individual students in determining eligibility for admission to the nursing program, which previously completed college courses are approved for meeting program requirements, and which courses must be satisfactorily completed in order to complete the program.

Non-TN Residents

Certain admission restrictions may apply to non-Tennessee residents. Please contact the School of Nursing (865-288-8411 or nursing@south.edu) prior to submitting your application to determine any restrictions that may apply for residents of your state.

Requirements for Clinical Experience

The curriculum for the online RN to BSN program includes planned clinical practice experiences that enable students to integrate new knowledge and demonstrate attainment of program outcomes and are supervised and evaluated by faculty. With online delivery mode, competency-based and project-based curriculum design is used for clinical component of NSG 4010 Nursing Management and Leadership  and NSG 4100 Health Promotion in the Community  courses. The design, implementation, and evaluation of clinical practice experiences are aligned to student and program outcomes. Please refer to course descriptions of these two courses for details. Students are responsible for costs associated with these Laboratory and Clinical Experience.

Curriculum for RN to BSN Option

The online RN to BSN program at South College prepares the diploma or associate degree registered nurse for practice at the baccalaureate level. Additional core courses required depend on the academic history of each student. The nursing portion of the curriculum focuses on critical thinking, evidence-based care, research, and leadership. A student may enroll in core curriculum courses along with nursing courses at any time. The nursing courses may be completed in four quarters in an online learning environment. All RN to BSN students are required to meet with their faculty advisor to plan an individualized program quarterly.

The RN/BSN option is offered Online with clinical requirements completed at approved sites.

Nursing Curriculum: 180 Credits*

Area I - Core Curriculum: 95 Credits

  • Computer Literacy Credits: 4.5
  • Mathematics Credits: 9
  • Anatomy & Physiology Credits: 12
  • English Composition Credits: 9
  • Humanities Credits: 9
  • Communications Credits: 4.5
  • Social Science Credits: 13.5
  • Elective Credits: 33.5

Area II-Major Curriculum: 85 Credits

Proficiency Credits Validated by RN Licensure: 45 Credits

The 45 proficiency credit hours for knowledge validated by RN licensure will be held in escrow until the quarter prior to graduation.

Nursing Courses: 40 Credits