May 29, 2023  
2023-2025 Catalog Volume XXXI Ver 1 
2023-2025 Catalog Volume XXXI Ver 1

Health Science (Pre-Pharmacy), AS


The Associate of Science degree program in Health Science is designed to provide students interested in healthcare a broad educational experience. The Health Science option provides a degree avenue for many practicing healthcare professionals including surgical technologists, paramedics, pharmacy technicians, and medical office professionals. The Pre-Nursing option is designed for those wishing to pursue admittance to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. The Pre-Pharmacy option is designed for those seeking admittance to a Doctor of Pharmacy program. The curriculum requires completion of a variety of general education courses, as well as foundational courses in anatomy and physiology, biology, and chemistry. With completion of this program, students may choose to continue their education to a specific health professional area or pursue entry-level health care positions. Example positions include chemical technicians, food science technician, pharmaceutical sales, and biological technicians. Only courses in which a C or better is earned will count toward graduation requirements.

Learning Outcomes

The program seeks to graduate successful individuals who:

  • Demonstrate comprehension of key science principles relating to required courses.
    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills.

Admission Requirements

All students must minimally meet the requirements for general admission to South College. General admission to South College does not guarantee program admission. Program admission is not granted until the following is met.

  • Successful completion of 8 hours in the major curriculum at South College, earning the minimum grades required by the program.

The Associate of Science in Health Science degree program is offered at the Knoxville, Asheville, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Nashville, and Orlando campuses (Hybrid) and Online.

AS Health Science (Pre-Pharmacy) Curriculum: 114.5 Credits



  • Approved Humanities Elective Credits: 13.5


Personal Development

Social Science

  • Approved Economics Elective Credits: 4.5
  • Approved Social Science Electives Credits: 9

Written Communication