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2023-2025 Catalog Volume XXXI Ver 1 
2023-2025 Catalog Volume XXXI Ver 1

Psychology, BS


The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Psychology program is to continue development of student understanding of major psychological concepts, historical trends, and current research that impact human behaviors, thoughts, and emotional processes on a personal, professional, and societal level. Students apply basic research methods and methods for problem-solving while in the program. 

Program Overview   

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology program is designed for those qualified individuals who wish to gain formal academic education in the field of psychology.  The Bachelor of Science in Psychology program requires completion of 42 courses (186 total quarter credit hours). Students are required to earn a minimum grade of “C” in all coursework.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates completing the Bachelor of Science in Psychology program will accomplish the following outcomes:

  1. Use and evaluate theories to explain and predict behavior, including advantages and limitations in the selected frameworks.
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of problem-solving strategies when psychological issues are presented within an individual, society, and organization.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the APA Code of Ethics and describe relevant ethical issues within selected content areas.
  4. Critically evaluate psychological research methods, empirical data, and the significance and importance of research reports.
  5. Examine how interaction among diverse people can challenge conventional understanding of psychological processes and behavior.
  6. Apply relevant psychology content knowledge to facilitate a more effective workplace in internships, jobs, or organizational leadership opportunities.
  7. Design deliberate efforts to produce desired self-management outcomes (e.g., self-regulation, hardiness, resilience)
  8. Demonstrate effective writing, oral, and interpersonal communication skills.

Admission Requirements

All students must minimally meet the requirements for general admission to South College. General admission to South College does not guarantee program admission. Program admission is not granted until the following is met.

  • Successful completion of 45 hours in the major curriculum at South College, earning a minimum grade of “C” in all major courses.


The Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree program is offered Online.

BS Psychology Curriculum: 186 Credits

Area I - Core Curriculum: 70 Credits


Computer Literacy

Written Communication



  • Approved Humanities Elective Credits: 9

Personal Development

General Elective