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2023-2025 Catalog Volume XXXI Ver 1 
2023-2025 Catalog Volume XXXI Ver 1

Nursing Assistant, Certificate


The mission of the Certificate in Nursing Assistant program is to prepare students with basic nursing skills needed to work as a valuable member of the healthcare team. The curriculum is designed to provide foundational training and skills needed in today’s competitive and evolving healthcare environments. Graduates will be prepared to seek licensure as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

Program Overview

The Certificate in Nursing Assistant program requires completion of 3 courses (11 total quarter credit hours), including an off-campus practicum experience. The program can be completed in 1 quarter over a period of 3 months. The program is designed to be completed in an online/blended format.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates completing the Certificate in Nursing Assistant program will accomplish the following outcomes:

  1. Administer safe personal patient care and basic nursing assistant skills to patients.
  2. Demonstrate a base of knowledge of the healthcare delivery system, health occupations, and the role of the nursing assistant in healthcare.
  3. Demonstrate effective writing, oral, and interpersonal communication skills when interacting with patients and members of the healthcare team.
  4. Recognize and practice universal safety and security procedures and infection control procedures to protect the health of patients and members of the healthcare team.
  5. Apply knowledge of professional legal and ethical responsibilities when practicing as a nursing assistant.
  6. Identify and utilize components of restorative and rehabilitation nursing care with patients.

Admission Requirements

All applicants must minimally meet the requirements for general admission to South College. 

Graduation Requirements

For a student to graduate from the Certificate in Nursing Assistant program, the student must be in a good academic and professional standing, have had satisfactory progress in all quarters of the academic program, and satisfactorily complete the following:

  1. The student normally must complete the course requirements in the catalog in effect when the student enrolled. However, academic programs are subject to change at the discretion of the institution. Students who leave the college may be required to meet catalog requirements at the time of their return.  
  2. The student must earn the minimum grades designated by the program in all required courses.
  3. The student must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher for all coursework taken at the college (if higher CGPA is required by the program, this requirement must be met). At least 25% of any undergraduate degree or certificate program must be taken at South College (higher percentage may be required by program).
  4. The student must complete the Career Services exit program and all outcomes assessment exams prior to graduation.
  5. The student must abide by all college rules and regulations and settle any financial obligations to the college prior to graduation.
  6. Programs may have additional graduation requirements that must be fulfilled.

South College reserves the right, and the student, by the act of matriculation, concedes to give South College the right to require withdrawal at any time the college deems it necessary to safeguard the standards of scholarship, conduct, and compliance with regulations, or for such other reasons deemed appropriate by South College as set forth in the South College Student Handbook and/or the South College Catalog.