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2020-2022 Catalog Volume XXX Ver 3 
2020-2022 Catalog Volume XXX Ver 3 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Knoxville/Online Campus Programs

Programs may be offered in different formats as indicated in the Delivery Modality column in the chart.  The definition of each delivery modality is listed below.

  • Onground Programs - All courses for programs available onground at indicated campus.  Students may elect to take select required courses in online format when available.
  • Hybrid Programs - Courses in both onground and online formats are required as available for completion of these programs.
  • Online Programs - All courses for programs are completed in online format
Program Delivery Modality
Business Administration, DBA   Online
Education, EdD   Online
Ministry, Doctor   Online
Nursing Practice (DNP)   Online
Pharmacy, PharmD   Onground
Physical Therapy, DPT   Hybrid
Teacher Leadership in Schools, EdS   Online
Business Administration, MBA   Online
Accounting, MS   Online
Criminal Justice, MS   Online
Computer Science, MS   Online
Cybersecurity, MS   Online
Data Science, MS   Online
Elementary Education (K-5) Initial Licensure, MEd   Hybrid
Healthcare Administration, MHA   Online
Information Technology, MS   Online
Information Technology Management, MS   Online
Nursing, MS   Hybrid
Physician Assistant Studies, MHS (Knoxville/Atlanta)   Onground
Public Health, MPH   Online
Software Engineering, MS   Online
Teacher as Instructional Leader, MEd   Online
Business Administration, BBA   Online or Hybrid
Accounting, BS   Online
Computer Science, BS   Online
Criminal Justice, BS   Online or Hybrid
Cybersecurity, BS   Online
Electrical Engineering Technology, BS   Online
Health Science, BS   Online or Hybrid
Health Science, Imaging Concentrations, BS   Hybrid
Health Science (Pre-Physical Therapy), BS   Online or Hybrid
Health Science (Pre-Physician Assistant), BS   Online or Hybrid
Health Science (Post-PTA), BS   Online or Hybrid
Information Technology, BS   Hybrid
Legal Studies, BS   Onground
Nursing, BS   Hybrid
Pharmaceutical Science (Pre-Pharmacy), BS   Hybrid
Teacher Education (Elementary Education K-5), BS   Hybrid
Accounting, AS   Online or Hybrid
Business Administration, AS   Online or Hybrid
Computer Science, AS   Online
Criminal Justice, AS   Online or Hybrid
Diagnostic Medical Sonography, AS   Hybrid (Onground Major)
Electrical Engineering Technology, AS   Online
Health Science, AS   Online or Hybrid
Health Science (Pre-Nursing), AS   Online or Hybrid
Health Science (Pre-Pharmacy), AS   Online or Hybrid
Information Technology, AS   Online
Investigation and Security, AS   Online
Medical Assisting, AS/Medical Assistant Advanced   Hybrid
Network Administration & Security, AS   Online
Nursing, AS   Hybrid
Occupational Therapy Assistant, AS   Hybrid (Onground Major)
Paralegal Studies, AS   Onground
Physical Therapist Assistant, AS   Hybrid (Onground Major)
Radiography, AS   Hybrid (Onground Major)
Surgical Technology, AS   Onground
Teaching, AS   Online or Hybrid
Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (Post-Grad), Certificate   Hybrid
Computed Tomography, Certificate   Hybrid
Criminal Justice, Certificate   Online
Data Science, Certificate   Online
Information Technology Specialist, Certificate   Online
Investigation and Security, Certificate   Online
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Certificate   Hybrid
Medical Assisting, Certificate   Hybrid
Nuclear Medicine, Certificate   Onground
Nursing, Post-Doctoral Certificate in Nurse Anesthesia, PDC   Hybrid
Paralegal Studies, Certificate   Onground
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Primary Care (Post-Grad), Certificate   Hybrid
Practical Nursing, Certificate   Hybrid
Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (Post-Grad), Certificate   Hybrid
Public Administration for CMJ Professionals, Certificate   Online
Software Developer, Certificate   Online