Mar 20, 2023  
2020-2022 Catalog Volume XXX Ver 3 
2020-2022 Catalog Volume XXX Ver 3 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BIO 1170 Microbiology Lab

Lecture: 0 Lab: 2 Practica: 0 Total Credits: 2
BIO 1170 is a laboratory course designed to be taken concurrently with BIO 1160 . Laboratory experiments supplement the subject matter covered in BIO 1160  lectures. Lab exercises include sterile technique, microscopy, slide preparation, culture techniques (growth and isolation), identification of microorganisms, microbial metabolism and genetics, environmental factors that affect microbial growth, antibiotic resistance, and test standards. The role of microorganisms in food and beverage production are explored and the common pathogenic microbes are identified.

Prerequisite(s): BIO 1110  and BIO 1120  or BIO 1022  and BIO 1023 , grade of C or better required
Co-requisite(s): BIO 1160